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LGI2 was established at the end of 2013 by professionals who after a successful career in senior roles, in Hellenic and European multinational Companies, decided to step out of their “comfort zone” and transfer their extended experience to Industry as independent advisors.

The main objective is assisting Companies to lift their performance at World Class level, by adopting the guidelines of Business and Operational/Manufacturing excellence.


Our Vision

To be reference point for our reliability, our effectiveness and our “best value for money” services.


Our Mission

Support industry in achieving excellence, aiming at cost cutting and gathering competitive advantage through innovation, for exports and sustainable development.

We are focusing on tailor made solutions taking into account the real status, size and philosophy of your Company.



Our Values

Integrity - Trust - Reliability

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Our Team

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1. Business excellence


Business & Operational excellence is the “umbrella” of our services. Business & Operational excellence means production and supply of products and services at excellent quality and competitive cost, at full safety conditions for people equipment and environment, within sustainability and corporate governance rules.

In LGI2 we strongly believe that Companies are not just “profit machines” but alongside with profit generation, they are also “social cells” creating prosperity for all the “stakeholders”.

Strategy is a structured way to connect the actual status of the Company with the Vison of the Shareholders.

It is a methodic path which can connect in a concrete and specific way, the point where the Company stands at, for the time being, and the point where the Company will stand at after a certain period of time.

Strategic planning then, is the ultimate tool of Business Excellence.


Typical strategic planning flow chart

Key Performance Indicators - KPIs are the “sensors” through which we can:

  • Measure our performance
  • Evaluate it vs the performance of the “best in class” (Benchmarks)
  • Improve it, by setting specific targets, within our Strategic Planning.

The practical use of KPIs


Measure my performance

Evaluate it in comparison with the Business Sector and/or the Competition (SWOT analysis)

Improve it (Targets ,Strategy, Actions)


It is a “sine qua non” tool, without which, we go “like blind people on the highway“. It is a method based on Common Sense for objective costing of products and services. In other words, it is a zero-base budgeting tool, aiming to identify the real cost of products and services. We provide complete Activity Based Costing analysis in close collaboration with your executives.

Activity Based Costing (ABC)

Risk Management is a must for any modern enterprise. It refers to:

  • Business Risk Management (Mainly related to Market, Financial, Credit risks etc.)
  • Operational Risk Management (Mainly referring to Incidents & accidents related to personnel, Equipment & Environment)

We provide a complete Risk analysis study, both for Business & Operational Risks, in close collaboration with the executives of your Company, basically consisted of:

  • Risk assessment
  • Preventive measures
  • Mitigating actions - Business Continuity Plan

This is quite important for upgrading your image as reliable supplier vs your customers and also as a strong negotiator vs your insurance Company.

2. Effective Leadership & Management


Leadership has to do with Vison and strategic guidelines but also has to do with people inspiration towards a common goal.
Management has to do with a robust and reliable day-to-day operation, aligned with the Strategy of the Company.
Both Leadership and Managerial Skills are absolutely critical for any Company no matter the size or the complexity of the business.

Leadership is first offer and then “privileges”.
The real leader/manager nowadays is first of all coach and facilitator.
Team building is the cornerstone of leadership/management skills.

We assess the leadership & management capabilities of your Organization and we set in close collaboration with you, a specific action plan for improving them at world class standards.

Boss or leader

Team building

  • It is a modern style of thinking for executives aiming to stretch their abilities in “Out of the box thinking”.
  • So they are able to find new solutions in actual problems and furthermore identifying potential upcoming problems and opportunities and set the respective action plans.
  • In this way they can be “change angels” for their companies.
  • The core idea of this concept is “lateral thinking” vs “traditional thinking”.
  • We provide a conceptual thinking workshop and the follow up of the results.

Individual Performance Appraisal
In its modern approach it is rather a professional development tool (than a “control” tool).
I has two main directions:

  • The professional performance of the executive, eligible to performance appraisal, based on KPI s (“hard’ part).
  • The organizational behavior of the executive, eligible to performance appraisal, based on the Organizational culture and attitude (“soft skills “part).
  • People really like and deserve an open and sincere feedback about their performance (Measuring - Benchmarking - Improving)

We provide complete development plan for all the hierarchical levels based on KPIs and “soft skills” according to the hierarchical level and its role within the Company and its strategy.

Modern approach


Why do we need a training plan?

  • For improving our performance (As it is monitored through the KPI s)
  • For supporting our strategy
  • For motivating our people

“Learning” in fact is a fuzzy term. What is specific is a behavior change as result of the training process. And this desired behavior is what we specify together with you, when we design your training plan.

And training style can be:

  • Formal
  • Experimental
  • On the job

No matter the training style, the constant moto is “learning by doing”.

Training means care


Experiential training


On the job training

3. Manufacturing Excellence & Cost Cutting


Manufacturing excellence means, supplying products and services:

  • Ensuring total safety conditions (People, Equipment, Environment)
  • At world class quality standards
  • At competitive cost
  • In a sustainable way

5S Housekeeping A clean and tidy Plant is the basic pre-requisite for applying any Manufacturing excellence practice. It is a way to use the Plant as an advertising asset to any actual and potential customer. You can persuade nobody about your ability in responding to quality and quantity requirements in a dirty and chaotic Plant.

So 5S is the modern tool for achieving an excellent Housekeeping status-5S stands for:

  • Sort
  • Shine
  • Set In Order
  • Standardize
  • Sustain

"Put all machinery in the best possible condition, keep it in that way, and insist on absolute cleanliness in order that a man my learn to respect his tool, his surrounding and himself".

Henry Ford: Today and tomorrow


Leading the whole supply chain, to the lowest-cost operating point, alongside with assuring the best quality on products and services.

Supply Chain Management

Supply chain and planning processManagement


We provide complete solutions for optimization of your supply chain.

Lean Manufacturing Is about doing more with less through :

  • Just In Time
  • Less inventories
  • Less energy
  • Less but smart labor
  • Less Raw and packaging materials
  • Less scrap, off-spec and waste

Lean Manufacturing Core Concept

  • Respect the available resources
  • Be not only effective but efficient as well
  • Do more with less

Lean Manufacturing

Lean Manufacturing - The 7 typical wastes you have to tackle

Six Sigma is an essential part of the Manufacturing excellence concept through which we can:

  • Minimize the off spec product
  • Ensure that we have “capable process” through which we can achieve the promised commercial specs of our products

Six Sigma methodology

Six Sigma & process capability concept

Six Sigma & process capability concept

SMED: Single Minute Exchange of Die

Single-Minute Exchange of Die (SMED) is one of the many lean production methods (Toyota Production System) for reducing waste in a manufacturing process. It provides a rapid and efficient way of converting a manufacturing process from running the current product to running the next product. This rapid changeover is the key to reduce production lot sizes and thereby improving flow. A fast changeover time is a critical success factor.

The phrase "single minute" does not mean that all changeovers and startups should take only one minute, but that they should take less than 10 minutes (in other words, “single-digit minute").

We provide a practical application of SMED to your process in order to decrease drastically the set-up and product changeover time.


  • Unplanned maintenance (Fixing - Reactive)
  • Planned Maintenance Styles
    • Preventive maintenance
    • Predictive/Condition based maintenance
    • Proactive maintenance

Preventive Maintenance

Time based parts replacement

  • Advantage : High reliability
  • Disadvantages:
    • High maintenance cost
    • Equipment is down more time than it should be, due to “excessive” maintenance works

Predective or Condition Based Maintenance

Maintenance decisions are made based on the real condition of the systems.

  • Advantages:
    • High reliability
    • Optimum maintenance cost
    • Optimum down time

Proactive Maintenance

It is a concept aiming to armor the equipment with all the reliability prerequisites and therefore calls for:

  • Proper equipment selection and sizing
  • Application of proper operating conditions for equipment
  • Applications of the rules of "art and science" during installation, commissioning, start up, operation, fixing and maintenance.

So it is rather a whole concept than a "maintenance plan".

There is no time for down-time!!!

In its essential form TPM is the technique introducing machine operators to primary maintenance level.

It means that the typical barriers between “production” and “maintenance” do not exist anymore and equipment reliability becomes a common task.

Operators are dealing with equipment on Human Machine Interaction mode (seeing-listening-smelling-touching) and fills- in standard check lists, thus identifying early a malfunction before it is converted to failure, thus leading to machine down time.

Nowadays energy saving becomes the core concern in cost cutting, both for business and environmental reasons. It can be achieved:

  • Through increased equipment performance, because a reliable equipment by default consumes less energy and natural resources.
  • Through application of certain energy saving technologies.

Every task is a project which must be delivered on:

  • Performance (quality requirements)
  • Schedule (Time)
  • Cost.(Budget)

We can provide really professional project management services and secure your project goals!!!

4. Learning & Growth


It is literally a survival condition for the modern enterprise, regardless of business, size and complexity.

It is the basic element of the Strategic Planning and essentially it is the designed variation in operating mode, products and services which creates additional value for the customer, which he is willing to pay for.

It is a systemic tool:

  • to capture knowledge,
  • organize it,
  • establish valid practices independent from personal perspectives,
  • secure the knowledge diffusion and ensure business continuity, independently from the “experts”,
  • make it accessible to the stakeholders (Company Intranet),
  • use it as input, for Innovative ideas.

Knowledge management


Through Networking, we can utilize the synergies coming from belonging to a Network.

BENCHMARKING within a Network, is a comparative performance analysis process, identifying the “Best in Class” and aiming to lift all the others at this performance level.

We can provide Networking and Benchmarking services under fully secrecy in order to give you the possibility to know where you are standing at vs your competition and so supporting essentially your Strategic Planning process (PESTEL & SWOT analysis).



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